Unusual Eye Clock by Mike Mak Design

Since we are no longer able to guide ourselves by position of the sun on the sky, we need something to do it for us. A clock, more exactly. Everyone has at least a clock in their home. We have clock on our phones and on the walls, we can see them on the street, they are everywhere, and that’s because they are useful and we can’t live without them.

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But when we think about clocks we always imagine the usual design, with 2 arms moving. It’s time to put that behind us and to think out of the box. That’s exactly what this unusual clock invites us to do. Designed by Mike Mak Design, this Eye Clock does more that showing us the time. It’s also a source of entertainment. And it’s almost ironic how something so simple and basic can be so…funny Basically what it does isto show you the time by moving the eyes according to the time of the day… You can see for yourself once you purchase this fun item.