Exploring The Strange Side Of A Dresser – Unusual Designs

We’re all familiar with the classical image of a bedroom dresser. There’s nothing unusual about it. Most dressers look like simple consoles with wide drawers from side to side. But that’s not a characteristic shared by all the designs. Some stand out by breaking the mold, by being different, special and strange in a lot of ways.

Gold finish console

Looking at this dresser, you can’t help but notice the unusual design details, the fact that the top appears to be floating and that it’s made from a material and a finish that contrast with the rest of the dresser. This piece is part of the Katai collection by Garbarino. Its design is composed of two doors and four optional drawers. All the pieces from this collection have doors covered by gold or silver leaf and drawers with a matte black finish. The top in this case is made of restored barn wood.

Uluru dresser console

The Uluru dresser is a piece inspired by the Uluru Mountain found in Australia. The shape of the mountain inspired the asymmetrical and graphical design of the dresser. The colors of the mountain change throughout the day, being affected by the light and the main tone is a rusty red which was integrated into the design of the dresser along with a high gloss finish and a brass base.

Yellow Chest two doors
White chest small from dolce vita collection

Another interesting-looking piece is the dresser named simply Chest 2 doors by labarere. It’s part of the Dolce Vita collection and its design is infused with vintage charm. The entire collection revisits the beauty of the ’50s, transforming any room into a cheerful and inviting space with a very pleasant and relaxing ambiance. This type of console storage offered by the dresser is versatile enough to also be integrated in spaces other than the bedroom.

Stellar console

Inspired by the naturally-forming amethyst geodes and machine-cut diamonds, the Stellar Console Table has a design which plays with contrasts and unique shapes in a very stylish manner. The surface of the console alternates simple and flat surfaces with individually sized and angled sections. The entire dresser has a mirrored design which creates optical illusions as the light falls on its irregular surface.

Unique furniture - delon cabinet
Carmen unique console

Both the Delon and the Carmen chests of drawers offered by Valentina Giovando use a combination of wood, fabric, brass, fiberglass, nails and studs in their designs. They feature kentia leaves and snake-like motives embroidered on the fabric covering the dressers’ surface. They’re also rich in metal decorations and change the look depending on the angle at which the light strikes the piece. The dressers have a sober and contemporary look, reinterpreting antique elements, refining and adapting them.

Atlante from porada

At first glance, the Atlante 3 dresser may not seem to stand out much. A closer inspection, however, reveals a few very interesting aspects about this piece. The dresser is made of canaletta walnut but its top is made of marble, an unexpected combination of materials. Further more, the shelves inside the dresser are made of smoked glass. They are hidden by two elegant doors and are complemented by three drawers with soft enclosure.

Brick 69 console from gervasoni1882

The dresser named Brick 69 gets its name from the particularities of all designs included in the Brick collection. The clean lines and robust forms are complemented by shades of gray. The unit is built in walnut and has four doors covered with fabric. The walnut feet have a brushed steel finish and the frame is available in natural, mat white, gray, air force blue, and black lacquered walnut. The dresser was designed by Paola Navone.

Sideboard mister

Mister is not a dresser but a sideboard. It’s a piece of furniture which can be easily integrated in a variety of spaces, including the bedroom. This is due to its versatile design. The sideboard is made of solid walnut with a solid oak herringbone pattern on the door. The interior can be completely rearranged according to the user’s needs, this allowing the piece to be used as a bar, a desk or a storage cabinet.

decastelli - open drawers
decastelli- celato

Suggestively named Celato which means “concealed” or “hidden”, this dresser/ cabinet by R&D Castelli stands out thanks to its asymmetric and graphical structure. It appears to resemble a puzzle made of various pieces with different shapes and sizes. These are drawers which are integrated in a playful manner. Because they don’t follow the usual pattern, each of these drawers is gradually discovered by the user.