Unusual Comb- Shaped Bike Rack

One of the biggest problems of humanity is the reduction of pollution. The cars, used as a mean of transport through the emissions they produce succeed to contribute to pollution too. By the time the electric cars or the eco cars appear all over the world so that the air can be cleaner and fresher, the use of the bike as mean of transport is an ideal solution.

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The use of bicycles presents more advantages: they do not pollute, they do not use fuel and helps to the fortification of your body.As it is true that “mens sano in corpore sano” we will notice that the bicycle will start to become more and more popular among the people. Recently it has been noticed that some people prefer to go to work by bike in order to avoid the urban crowds and the congestion.

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There must be done some projects so that they can attract people for using the bike instead of the car. One of these projects is the one created by Knowhow Shop for a public rack in the city of Roanoke.This unusual and incredible rack bike takes the shape of a huge comb which touches the weight of 189 kilos. Its original design and impressive shape attracts all the eyes upon it like a magnet.