Unusual Boeing Stearman PT-13 Engine Coffee Table

I am one of the persons who adore planes and go by a plane. Many years ago I went for the first time by plane and it was a special experience which offered me great sensations. I was so happy about this experience so that I could not resist getting a new chance of trying again the same sensations. So as one of my brothers began some courses of gliding I did not escaped the opportunity when he told me that I could accompany one of the pilots who were at the board of the plane which was supposed to take the gliders to the high sky .I was thrilled by this experience and enchanted by the fact that I got three flights.

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Perhaps my passion for planes comes also from the fact that my grandfather, my uncle and my husband were soldiers for aviation.As I cannot afford myself to some other experiences of this kind perhaps a thing which can remind me of all these moments can be great .If you are also attracted to these things and love history too you can admire this unusual Boeing Stearman PT-13 Engine Coffee Table.

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It is a special piece which comes from the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley, British Columbia. Actually it is a cylinder radial engine that represents the base of this coffee table which was used in WWII with a sheet of glass atop.

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Boeing Stearman PT-13 Engine Coffee Table is a piece which can be seen at the Decoratum Gallery in London and has a sale price of £ 19,750.