Unusual boat sofa by Bongyoel Yang

I am sure you all saw on TV or even you experienced yourselves the fact that the climate has changed a lot lately and you can now expect unusual weather changes and meteorologic events even in the regions where they do not normally occur. And they are all the more intense where they do occur. For example there are floods, hurricanes and strong winds, huge tidal waves hitting the shores and so on. So you never know when you need a boat , especially if you live on the ocean shore or on the banks of a big river.

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Well, Bongyoel Yang, an artist and furniture designer thought it wouldn’t hurt to be able to use your sofa as a boat in case of emergency. So he combined the two and designed the boat sofa or sofa boat, whatever you want to call it. It is nice, looks really modern and beautiful and, if you remove the cushions, can be easily transformed into a life saving boat. The paddles can be kept inside, too, being fixed in two supports.

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This unusual sofa is available in black or white, completed by very nice red cushions. The “legs” support the sofa and keep the boat on one side, which offers maximum comfort. Now let’s hope you’ll never need to use it , but it’s comforting to have it around, plus the additional feature of being extremely modern.