Unusual bathroom faucet with ball ripples

If you are sick and tired of your plain bathroom faucet and you want something modern and futuristic then you came to the right place. I will make you a suggestion that you can’t refuse – to quote from a famous movie. Here is the Water ball ripples bathroom faucet that can be called anything but ordinary and usual. It is a very nice-looking and interesting, but at the same time unusual bathroom faucet that has some ripples , a metal ball, but no tap. It was designed by Smith Newnam, a very talented designer and presented by Yanko Design and I must tell you that these guys have shown some incredible ideas over the time.

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The idea is brilliant , but easy to understand: the ripples have a magnet inside that keep the metal ball on and when the ball is in the centre the water is off. You can easily control the ball and this way control the water flow and temperature. If you want to have a bigger flow just take the ball a few ripples to the outer part of the circle.

Modern faucet

Modern faucet

Then you also have the possibility to change the water temperature by simply moving the ball to the right for hot water and to the left for cold water. Furthermore, the ripple support spreads a blue light when the water is cold and a red light when the water is hot. Simply amazing. I am curious though if you can find it for sale and also what is its price.