UnTime clock by Pushkar Ingale

People nowadays are in constant hurry to get somewhere, to do something, so they need to keep their eyes on the clock in order to make sure they will do everything in due time. So many have wall clocks on the walls of their homes, in the hallway and even in offices. They are very useful things, but you can also use them for decorative purposes. So you may want to have a unique wall clock, something that nobody else you know has. This way your clock will be both functional and interesting, “cool if you want. That is the exact description of UnTime clock designed by the Indian designer Pushkar Ingale.


As you can see from the pictures this clock has two versions, both of them based on the same principle: one or two rotating discs with numbers written on them and no clock arms. So you may wonder how on Earth is it possible to read time on a clock that has no arms? Well, this is the innovative idea that made this clock appear in the first place.

Well, the first model has two discs that rotate in opposite directions, one of them showing the hour and the other the minutes. When you want to see the exact time, just look in the middle – 7:25. Amazingly easy, right?

The second model has two discs on top of each other that are fixed on a wooden support that has an indented mark on the margin. The discs rotate and one of them shows the hour and the other the minutes and you can read the right time where the mark is carved in wood. Can you see that? The clock shows 7:25. It is actually very easy, but someone has to show it to you first or read some instructions.