Unpretentious yet very innovative apartment interior in São Paulo

Even though architecture and interior design don’t have that many styles to work with, the combinations and options you can choose from are innumerous. Designers and architects are constantly coming up with new and creative ideas. For example, take a look at this apartment.

Alan Chu smart apartment

Located in São Paulo, Brazil, this apartment has a very original interior. Even though it’s very small and only measures 25 square meters, it has an interior design that makes it seem more spacious than it actually is.The apartment was a project by Alan Chu. Completed in 2013, it features a modern and very ingenious interior design.

Alan Chu smart apartment1

Alan Chu smart apartment6

Alan Chu smart apartment2

Alan Chu smart apartment3

Alan Chu smart apartment4

The whole concept behind the project was to use a single element to organize the space. Distributed on two floors, the apartment has a creative interior, featuring multi-functional furniture. The pinewood structures give the apartment a casual and unpretentious look while also being multifunctional.

Alan Chu smart apartment5

Alan Chu smart apartment7

Alan Chu smart apartment8

Alan Chu smart apartment9

Alan Chu smart apartment10

The furniture is cleverly distributed throughout the apartment and serves more than one function in each area. It’s great for storage, display and for camouflaging the mezzanine structure. The metal ladder is definitely an unexpected feature in this apartment that doesn’t seem to need it. The ladder is perfectly concealed by the pinewood structure and thus the transition between the two floors is both smooth and surprising. It’s a very nice example of an interior design based on improvisation and creativity.