Unlocking the Chic Potential of Pink

Pink is the favorite color of many little girls. Big girls, too. As the go-to color for princesses and ballerinas, butterflies and flowers, pink is often written off as juvenile, as nursery room fodder. While it certainly has its place (sometimes in overwhelming amounts) in these kid-loving spaces, pink can also add a level of chic to a grown-up space that’s hard to achieve otherwise. The color family is fresh, bright, and powerful. Here are a few spaces in which pink is the magical punctuation mark of sophistication:

Bedroom night standView in gallery

Upholstered in the palest of pink hues, this oversized tufted headboard is both defined and grounded by a simple black frame. Fuchsia pillow prints (a geometric and a floral – match made in heaven) reference the subtle pink in the headboard while exuding a refreshing level of sophistication. Paired with a glamorous mirrored side table and simple white table lamp here, pink is not the foundational color of a juvenile space; rather, it is the impeccable accent color to a serene and mature one.

Pink accentsView in gallery

In this eclectic high-rise, the pale pink used here is natural and friendly. The color warms up an already comfortable, welcoming space. Because it is used sparingly among whites and wood tones, a single pink pillow and some blossoms easily soften the harder lines of the downtown city window view. I think the fresh indoor blossoms coming out of a simple chunky wooden vase is a perfect touch here.

Pink chairView in gallery

In this neutral traditional living space, where everything is clean and ordered, it is likely that a bright fuchsia armchair is the last thing one would expect to see. Which is exactly why the pink piece is so delightfully energizing. The curve of the armrest plays off the curves of the fireplace gate and child’s rocking chair, almost like a grown-up older sister. There is a slight bit of pink in the large floral print, but it is noticeable primarily because the chair brings it out. One bold piece of chic pink furniture is a great way to brighten up an otherwise muted space without going overboard.

Pale sofa designView in gallery

A light salmon-colored tufted velvet sofa is all the pink needed to pack a sophisticated punch in this eclectic space. Paired with a variety of combinations of black and white and set against a beautifully cool shade of pale blue-grey, the pinkishness here exudes simultaneous refinement and welcome. The feminine color is matched in the space by other feminine forms (such as the gilded chalkboard, white curvy chandelier, glass sofa table, and lattice-edged bookshelf) but is also tastefully tempered by clean lines and classic black and white.

Pink framed artView in gallery

When all else fails, the addition of one – and one only – piece of pink artwork provides an instantaneous level of energy and sophistication to a space. Of course, variations on pink (such as the coral striped pillows and the pale dusty rose magazine bin) are also present in this particular room, which serves as subtle backup singers to the artwork. This light, airy space just goes to show that a little bit of pink goes a long way to accomplish a sophisticated, fresh impact.

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