Uniqueness of the Alfajiri Kenyan Villas

If you have always dreamt about spending your summer holiday on a coral cliff, here is your chance, above the sands of Diani Beach, Kenya. The stylish property under the name of Alfajiri Villas actually consists of three private properties: the Cliff Villa, the Garden Villa and the Beach Villa. All of them were designed in order to reflect the link with Asia. All of  them are examples of wonderful bright, breezy flowing fabrics, East African artefacts, wooden beams and carved Lanu doors

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Each of them has its own personality and its uniqueness, but at the same time, all three have great service and private pools. Beside the bedrooms’ area, there is the dining veranda and lounge and everything is under the same concept of “As You Please”, with private dining and the possibility of taking part in all kinds of different activities: golf, kite surfing, snorkelling, diving, safaris and even trips. Another aspect that is common for all the three villas is the total seclusion in the middle of the Kenyan natural luxury

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What can be more inviting than this? No matter which villa you choose, the landscape is specatacular, while the interior is a fairytale world that you do not want to leave anymore. Not only the furniture pieces were inteligently chosen, the African artefacts, the wooden beams and carved Lanu beams, just like the curtains and the pillows all around create a unique universe, an exotic world that makes you forget all the worries and feel at ease enjoying everything around.More info on site.