Uniqueness in bathroom furniture

A new collection of unique Birex bathroom furniture has been introduced in the market by the Italian company, which has revolutionized the way people design their bathrooms. All customers will prefer such bathrooms as it has various themes for various kinds of people. The design ranges from a minimalist design of classic black and white combo to a highly luxurious and expensive set of bathroom furniture.


Style and elegance always comes with a price and this is no exception. But if you have the financial resources to afford this type of furniture in your bathroom it would foolish not to do it. It’s modern, beautiful and classy. The main idea of this collection was to design suspended pieces. Most of them have a natural wood color but there are also other pieces that have a nice shiny lacquered finish.


The details are almost inexistent. The simplicity is what best defines this collection. They pieces have a minimalist design but this doesn’t stop them from looking stylish and glamorous. Your bathroom would look amazing with this collection. It might become your favorite room of the house. Of course the collection doesn’t include all the features necessary for a bathroom so you’ll have to search for pieces that share the same style and that have simple lines and similar colors with these one. It might be difficult and it’s worthed.