Unique Wash Basin

Made by a European company Unique Wood Design, this unique wash basin features a deep bowl that highlights the wood’s native grain and tone, and boasts a smaller second bowl projecting off the side. Also this stylish sink works well with other wood varieties, with modern tile, or with other natural materials like marble and stone.


I personally like simple designs, especially when it comes to choosing furniture for the bathroom.  You don’t really need a lot of details in there. What matters is the functionality. So this sink is perfect. It’s very simple and it has a beautiful shape. Plus it has that that small addition for the soap. It’s so annoying when there’s not a special place for the soap and you constantly having trouble with it.

The color is also very beautiful. It has a beautiful natural tone and the glossy finish is very stylish. It would look good in any type of bathroom. It’s just like some people would look good in anything; this sink would look good anywhere. So if you’re searching for a modern and beautiful sink design for your bathroom, this is an option that you should keep in mind. It’s very functional and it has a beautiful shape and color. It’s a piece that is very versatile and can be combined with a lot of different materials and designs. The result will always be satisfying.