Unique vintage chairs by Mel

In case you’re familiar with this name, Mel is an inventive and inspired vintage lover. he started compulsively collecting vintage fabrics during her days as a Textiles Undergraduate in the delightful city of Norwich. She then moved to London and she decided to put her vintage collection to good use. So she started “Mel Made This”. Among the various items she created, there are three chairs that caught our attention.

Htie,Ivy and George ChairsView in gallery

The chairs have personalized names: Hattie chair, Ivy chair and George chair. Let’s start with the Hattie chair. This is a 1970’s wooden chair that has been 100% covered in fabric. It features an orange floral design and the fabric doesn’t change the original design. It only makes it pop up a little. The dimensions are 80cm x 40cm x 40cm and you can buy it for £280. The Ivy chair is also a 1970s wooden chair, also covered in fabric. This time it’s a brown/orange floral design, with a different pattern. The dimensions are the same and the designs are also similar. The price for this chair is £280.

The George chair is a little different from the other ones. It’s also a 1970s chair but it has a different shape. The fabric used to cover it is also different, featuring a blue/pink floral print. The dimensions and the price remain the same.