Unique Summer House in Denmark

If you are searching for creative inspirations to design a unique summer house, you should consider taking inspirations from this enchanting summer house situated in Denmark. Located in the west coast region of Denmark marked with wild landscape and beaches, this house has been exquisitely designed in Nordic style interiors. Little furniture pieces and less colorful interiors have been teamed in order to create warm interiors.

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The basic color theme of the house has been chosen as a combination of white, gray and black. The walls, ceilings, doors, windows, cabinets, lamps and few lighting features feature the white color, whereas traditional concrete material slabs in grey color have been chosen as the flooring option. The stunning black color has been introduced in the interiors by way of exteriors and accent pieces. Exterior surface of the house, dining table chairs, sofa seats and few lighting fixtures don the contrasting black color.

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The outside seating area created by employment of rustic wooden tables, chairs and a matching parasol is also worth mentioning. In addition, the decoration throughout the house, including the living room has been strictly kept minimal so that the uncluttered and neat look imparted by the white interiors does not get lost.{found on BoBedre}