Unique Stylish DVD Storage Ideas

Nothing looks worse than DVD’s sprawled all over your living room or bedroom. It looks untidy and distracts from the overall appearance of the room. However, storing DVD’s isn’t always easy either. You could purchase a standard DVD case, but that’s a bit boring isn’t it? After all, it’s what everyone else has got and whilst it may look neat it certainly doesn’t add anything to your room in terms of interior style. So, how about using one of the following ideas instead…

LED Clock DVD Storage Design.

Pullout drawer

Kill two birds with one stone; a DVD holder and a clock. No one can deny how unique this storage idea is. It adds excitement to the room via the LED lights and is a great choice for teenage boy’s bedrooms.

Levels Case.

Pullout drawer

The inspiration for this case comes from music levels and that’s why the appearance is one that mimics sound levels and equalizer bars. This creates a funky storage piece that’s finished off vibrantly with the slices of bright pink. You don’t have to go for pink of course; a neon green or turquoise would look great too. Nonetheless, to create a case as good as this one you’ll need to use laser cut technology to get the precision right.{found on coroflot}.

Storage Shelves.

Pullout drawer

If you have a huge DVD collection then you can make this the focal decoration of your entire room with these storage shelves. They look stylish because they are so unique and dominant. This is a must-have storage idea for any avid DVD collector.

DVD Binders.

Pullout drawer

This is a great idea for those who are looking to emulate a vintage feel. There are lots of binders available for you to choose between and this is a cheap storage solution. It is also highly practical too as you can also use different colours to separate your DVD’s be genre or into films / TV series and alike.

Biola Shape Storage.

Pullout drawer

How cool does this DVD storage idea look? It’s quirky, different and has a beautifully traditional quality achieved through the warm wood. This would look well-placed in any homely and conventional living room.

Storage Units.

Pullout drawer

These storage units are perfect for housing DVDs because they look stylish and are practical too. You can easily see your DVDs and pick the one you want to watch without having to go to the hassle of taking everything out as you would with a standard cabinet.