Unique sideboard design by Edward Johnson

The designer Edward Johnson has names this creation “Volumptuous” because this is how he perceives this piece when he’s looking at it.The idea behind this project was to create a very sensuous piece of furniture, that challenges the user on multiple levels. It has an unusual shape that is stimulating the user in more than one way: it has visually pleasant details, elements that have a pronounced tactile character and the wood also has a beautiful scent. It’s a real synaesthesia.

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Considering it only from a visual point of view, it’s a very cool piece of furniture, with aesthetically pleasing elements. This unusual sideboard was handmade in Oak and internally lined with Cedar of Lebanon, the source of the naturally beautiful scent. The overall shape of this sideboard is actually very common. It one had a rectangular shape, but this was changed with elaborate work. The process also changed the color tone, turning it into the beautiful chocolate brown you admire now.

The design is either very romantic and nostalgic or funny and dramatic, as it reminds of the beautiful waves of the ocean or, in other cases, it reminds of the boiling water. Not a very nice association, but it’s the first thing that comes in mind for some people when looking at this particular piece of furniture.