Unique radiant floor lamp by Steve Faletti

Repurposing elements and pieces of furniture in order to use them for something else is a common practice. We’ve seen changing tables sued as desks and doors sued as tables. However, in some cases it’s more difficult to find a new use for a certain item. For example, there’s not much you can do with a radiator. You could turn them into tower dryers but anything else is tricky.

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However, Steve Faletti found a way to turn a radiator into an unusual lamp. This is the Radiant Floor Lamp. It’s not the typical floor lamp people usually have in their homes. It’s an original and ingenious transformation. I could envisage something like this into a contemporary home, maybe in an unconventional living room or bedroom. The lamp features a series of lamp elements that are modeled after fluorescent U-bulbs.

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As the designer explains, “the path from electricity to light is controlled by a standard water spigot valve handle.” It’s an uncommon and intriguing item that allows us to rethink everything we know about radiators and lamps. It’s so strange that you have to love it. The radiant floor lamp is just one of the many interesting and mind-blowing designs and creations. There are many other similar items you can include in your home. You just have to know where to search for them.{found on yankodesign}.