Unique Pages Chair Design

I am a man who saw a few things in his life and I still get knocked out my some designs. I’m not very easy to impress and I usually have a cold judgment but some things continue to surprise me.Take these chairs for instance! I forgot all about my judgment and something inside me says:“ I love them” and to be honest what’s not to like?They have a really simple design and from experience we know that keeping it simple actually makes things great and great colors.

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I don’t know how designers from 6477 came up with this particular model and I don’t want to investigate because it’s probably something in the “eureka moment” style, but it’s great.  I remember I had an old calendar with 365 pages and on each page a saying was written and as each day passed by more and more pages were ripped and towards the end of the year my calendar was looking exactly like the one with the pink top. The frame that originally kept all the sheets together looked half empty.

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The interesting fact of this marvelous design is the way you can change its appearance and function. Just turn on the “pages” and you get yourself a new face of the chair with a very comfortable back rest, for the maximum amount of support, providing a really good seating experience.Perfect for a modern interior these chairs will definitely draw all the attention towards them.