Unique Page Table Lamp

Creativity is basically  infinite , because it depends on imagination and let’s be honest, imagination is the best things ever happened to humans. This wonderful lamp is the perfect example of a thing to support my theory.  We’ve all seen lamps since the early days of our life and we all know how those look like.  It is usually found in  bedrooms and it breaks easily  when  playing   inside the house, at least is the image I’ve got from my childhood.

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Well now it’s time for a change in that field but not in the sophisticated direction you are inclined to think. This creative table lamp is called “page by page” and it was designed by Connect Design.  It uses a 5 volts LED and can be connected to a laptop or any computer through a USB port.  During the day this functions as a poster but when the night falls this thing immediately transforms into a soft glowing lamp.  A great feature at this lamp is the possibility of  changing  the background every day simply  by  turning the page.

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If you’re not satisfied of the existing images or  if you’ve seen them all you can always draw your own on an empty page at the back, in this way is practically impossible to get bored with it. You might be surprised to find out that this cool lamp can fit anywhere being able to transform and mean something else for every different setting.