Unique Observatory House in Japan

Japan based firm KINO Architecture has created this uniquely built minimalist architecture, Himeji Observatory House. Located in Himeji Hyogo prefecture, Japan, this interesting residence has the shape and structure inspired by the 16th century Japanese castles.

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Himeji castle was the model for the building, which is built with stone. Although there are modern buildings in the city, this private residence is surrounded by a traditional “castle town”, with many historical buildings, houses and monuments. The client’s wishes were: to provide views of the nearby castle, to provide office space and parking for five cars, including three guests, as well as to organize a small garden in which he could dry laundry and walk the dog.

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This unique house has three storeys. On the first floor you can find an office, on the second one there are three bedrooms and at the very top there is a huge living room window, from where you can see the castle. What’s more this house adapts to its surroundings due to the twisted, staggered shape which reduces any extraneous volume that would impede on the appearance of the neighborhood.

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The Himeji Observatory House is a stunning and unique home. It reflects the client’s attachment to Himeji Castle and provides an interesting lifestyle.{found on archdaily}.