Unique La Pause hotel in Morocco

By adopting a new and unusual concept, the La Pause hotel offers a different and unforgettable experience. The hotel is located in the hills of the Marrakchi Desert in Morocco. The location is really beautiful and, as expected, the views were very important when choosing it. La Pause is a different type of hotel. It’s nothing like the typical destination spots.

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The location is unique but that’s not all. The whole idea behind this project was original and unique. La Pause is an isolated hotel that provides upscale accommodations for its guests. The hotel also offers traditional nomadic amenities such as open tents and open dining areas. The open outdoor areas were a strategic choice. They allow the guests to have a unique experience while also allowing them to admire and benefit from the amazing views and the surrounding landscape.

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The guests can also enjoy exquisite cuisine and native music during their stay at the hotel. The La Pause hotel is a destination for those who want something different, who want to break the monotony of typical destinations and want to experience the true colors of the desert. It’s a destination for those seeking adventure and like to be different. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the hotel lacks the comfort of typical destinations. You can still experience all that but in a different décor.{found on trendland}.