A Unique Hotel In Brussels That Used To Be An Art School

There was a perfect match between this project and the architecture studio that developed it. It was love at first sight and this wonderful partnership gave birth to a unique creation. To be more specific, we’re talking about the JAM Hotel which occupies a building that used to be an art school.

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This unique hotel can be found in Brussels, Belgium. The transformation from art school to hotel was a project by Atelier Lionel Jadot, a studio with a custom and imaginative approach to every project, open to possibilities and always eager to make dreams come true. For them, each project is an adventure. We’ll try to reveal a few interesting things about this hotel, starting with its name. It’s called JAM because it’s filled with all the great things that make guests feel great and welcomed, being a symphony of interesting features.

JAM hotel in Bruseels reception areaView in gallery

Things like a great pizza restaurant, a game room, a rooftop pool and a variety of different room types and styles are gathered in one place, inside the shell of a former art school. The building’s history played a defining role in the new design, even though the function is a completely different one. The hotel features artistic elements throughout and a really nice sense of freedom and creativity. This is a hotel like none other, designed to make guests comfortable and to offer unique experiences. It stands out in more than one way and the building’s history definitely helps with that.

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Guests and visitors are welcomed into a reception area with strong sculptural influences and a chic industrial look. You can see right from the start that concrete, wood and strong colors are defining characteristics for the hotel.

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This eclectic style was used throughout and characterizes all the other spaces as well as the individual rooms and suites. Speaking of which, the hotel offers its guests multiple options including a series of dormitory-style rooms that lets them share space with others.

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Here you can find bunk beds and cozy sleeping nooks. Strong pops of color help differentiate the various individual nooks and sleeping areas. Concrete ceiling beams and industrial lighting fixtures are complemented by lots of warm and light wood and large windows that let in lots of light.

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The individual rooms are designed in a similar style. They have built-in desks and sofas or cozy seating nooks. They also include plenty of storage and have an overall casual and playful look while maintaining their modern simplicity.

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The hotel has a large game room where everyone can enjoy vintage games and have fun in a stylish man cave-like décor. Wooden accents and vintage area rugs complement the industrial accents and create the same eclectic style that defines the hotel.

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Another cool feature is the rooftop terrace which has a swimming pool and a casual lounge area with garden chairs and coffee tables. There’s even a bar up here which makes this a really enjoyable space. Add to that the views of the city and you get an exquisite composition.

JAM hotel in Bruseels rooftop poolView in gallery