Unique Hanging Glass Sculpture

People have always been fascinated by what nature has to offer. For example the stalactites from the caves. They are so interesting because they occurred naturally. And because they are so beautiful and interesting people often tried to imitate such pieces. Here’s an example of a very beautiful collection of glass sculptures.

Cosmo Hanging Sculpture1

Created by Domsky Glass, these unique sculptures try to imitate the water and the drops, the way they hang just before falling. It’s a modern interpretation of this phenomenon. As you might have already guesses, the sculptures are made mostly of glass, with a steel structure that keeps them in place. It’s always interesting to see what people manage to do with glass. It’s such a flexible material that can be modeled in almost any way possible. All you need is patience and a lot of imagination.

Cosmo Hanging Sculpture1View in gallery

These interesting glass sculptures are a very beautiful display in a public place, In a large and tall hall or office, anywhere where they can be properly admired. The sculptures represent a modern, abstract and somewhat mysterious form of art that some people find very impressive and beautiful. To those who enjoy glass sculptures and even like to have them in their homes, this is an oversized and still simple version of that. You might want to forget about bringing it in your homes because it’s quite large.