Unique Frog Rain-Drum accent table

Rain drums, as opposed to what some people may believe, are not called like that because they were used to summon rain but because of the sound they make when hit by raindrops. This is actually a more logical explanation. Rain drums have existed in Asian cultures for thousand of years and they are very appreciated for the pleasant sounds they make.

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A very beautiful replica of such a traditional item is this accent table. The table borrowed the shape of the traditional rain drum, as well as the details and decorations usually found on the drums. The accent table is a cast-aluminum version of the traditional rain drum and it even includes the traditional relief pattern of a radiating sun surrounded by concentric rings of geometric patterns.

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It’s called a Frog rain-drum because it also features botanical motifs on the sides while the top is decorated with three frogs. The dimensions of this beautiful piece of traditional furniture are 24.5″ diameter, 20.5″ high. Even though it’s wasn’t originally used as an accent table, it seems to be quite good at it. You can buy the Frog rain-drum accent table for EUR393.06. It would make a very distinguished addition in the living room where you can use it as a display unit. Because it’s made of aluminum it can also be used outdoor, on the terrace or in the garden.