Unique Freestanding Bathtubs That Add Flair To Your Bathroom

Freestanding bathtubs seem to be very appealing and, at one point, you realize you’ve always wanted one without being sure why. There are lots of reasons why you should choose a freestanding bathtub and most of them are related to functionality and style.

Infinity bathtubView in gallery
Chic, contemporary bathroom featuring wooden flooring and an oval freestanding tub

Most of the times, homeowners choose freestanding bathtubs because of the views. To understand better, imagine a large master bathroom with a large window and a strategically-positioned bathtub. It’s s style that allows you to choose and change the location of the bathtub and to take advantage of the layout and design of the bathroom.

Rock bathtubView in gallery
Traditional bathroom featuring a unique stone bathtub with an organic form

Another reason why freestanding bathtubs are very appreciated is that they allow you create a more airy and open décor and to highlight and beauty of your bathroom instead of its small dimensions. Your bathroom would be airy, spacious and open whole still having a cohesive design. To ensure that happens, you should be extra careful when choosing the colors and finishes.

White bathtubView in gallery
Spacious and open master bathroom featuring a separate shower and a freestanding tub

Sometimes people want to recreate in their home the atmosphere and décor they’ve admired in their travels so they choose a freestanding bathtub in their bathroom in order to create that spa-like feeling. The tub also stands out and creates a focal points so it’s also an artistic choice.

Wood bathtubView in gallery
Modern bathroom featuring a unique wooden tub with a rectangular shape

Another reason why freestanding bathtubs are so appreciated is because of the large variety of materials used to build them. A stone bathtub is a very beautiful choice. It has a unique texture and usually rich colors. It would be a perfect centerpiece for the bathroom.

White bathtub1View in gallery
Stylish modern bathroom with a minimalist freestanding tub and a zebra rug
Bathroom viewView in gallery
Contemporary bathroom featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and a strategically-placed freestanding tub
Bathroom design1View in gallery
Elegant master bathroom with a freestanding white tub in front of the window

Freestanding bathtubs are also a more modern alternative for traditional designs. They have beautiful lean lines and it floats nicely in the space. Also, there’s something about the simplicity of their shape that makes them look very delicate and more sophisticated. After all, the tub is like a piece of furniture. It has to match the décor and if you love it you just have to have it.

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