Unique footbridge by Dominique Perrault Architecture

Bridges are a great way of creating shortcuts. When there’s a very crowded area and it’s hard to get from one part to another, a bridge is a good solution. Suspended bridges are not an inconvenient for the traffic and they can easily get the people from one part to another in no time. There are bridges all over the world but there’s no bridge like this one designed by Dominique Perrault Architecture.

Arganzuela FootbridgeView in gallery

The bridge is located in Madrid, Spain and it has a very modern look. It doesn’t look very revolutionary but when you’re actually using it the spiral shape looks hypnotizing. You won’t even realize how fast you get to get from one part to another. Even if this bridge looks so futuristic and interesting, I’m having doubts about the safety of those using it. There are those holes from place to place that look dangerous, especially for little kids. Bu this is actually a false impression that you get when looking at the whole picture. Seen from up close, the bridge is actually very safe.

Arganzuela Footbridge1

The bridge offers a great panorama over the city that you can admire while traversing the bridge. This might distract you from the long path. The design is over 250 meters long, subtly expanding in its diameter from 5 to 12 meters. It’s a very beautiful bridge that seems to just float above the river.