Unique five-level home in Turkey

When you think of a five-level home you don’t usually picture a house made of nine separate pieces of property with a cave-like design. It’s definitely a unique property and it’s the home of American photographer Laura Prusoff and her partner Nurettin Mantar, a Turkish photographer. The two share in common the same passion and they also had a similar vision of what they wanted their home to look like.They definitely wanted something special and unique and that’s exactly what they got.

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They first bough a piece of property in Cappadocia, a region in central Turkey, back in 1997. They bought a small dwelling carved into the volcanic rock of the hillside for about $5000 to $6000. They then felt the need to expand their property and did that cave by cave, until they managed to gather nine different pieces and a total of 14.000 square feet of property.

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As the owners declared, many of these were absolute ruins. For example, the kitchen had no roof and the walls were falling in.They renovated some of them but some are still a work in progress.

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Now the couple has a four-bedroom, five-bathroom sanctuary just for themselves. The renovation process was not easy and cost them around $150.000. they also have a small courtyard and a beautiful fountain surrounded by flowers and vegetation. The interior of their unusual home is colorful and very warm and welcoming. It has wooden cabinets and terra-cotta tile floor, tribal-style carpets and a lot of other interesting details. The couple also plans on developing a bed-and-breakfast inside their property.{found on nytimes}