Unique Cloud Stool by Studio Joon and Jung

Usually the clouds have different shapes and in our mind we associate them with different objects or beings: a tree, a house, a flower, a bird, an animal, an insect. They represent associations based on our imagination and creativity. It id created a relation between human and nature, the human being becomes closer to nature, to his expectations.

Cloud Stool antique chair 588x419

The comfortable material and the chosen colours also make us think of a flock of sheep because they have soft wool and the same colours. We can also think of a silent and sleeping atmosphere. It is said that if you count the sheep while you are in bed you will fall asleep.The flexibility of the material and shape gives you the opportunity to imagine all sorts of things that you have in mind while you enjoy the softness of these stools. Take advantage of these relaxing moments and let your mind go free and your thoughts float between clouds!{Joon&Jung}

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