Unique Architecture in Japan by Ciel Rouge

Villa Ronde is an unique house located in Japan and designed by Ciel Rouge. Siting on a 1800sqm site this amazing house stands out due to its shape and lush vegetation. It has stunning views and feels like a retreat.

Villa ronde

The house presents a private museum, a guest house and a resort. It was thought as a wide, free, organic space in which room can be closed or in continuity to each other around a patio. Blending in with lavish surroundings, the green-roofed villa circulates around a central courtyard that is perfect for having a meal or sunbathing.

Villa ronde1View in gallery

Villa ronde3View in gallery

Its circular shape helps protect it from the winds that are common to this area, and these same winds help ventilate the interior of the villa. The roof is covered with 30cm of earth, lush grass and plants and is great for keeping the interior cool and for saving energy. Furthermore the rooms create a continuous space that has a beautiful flow. Guest rooms lead to an interior pool, common areas and meeting spaces. Everything about this house is made to blend in with the exterior, even the modern furnishings.

To top it off some of the windows are shaped like holes in order to make the most out of the superb views. Villa Ronde is a private, unique house that has a lot to offer.