Union Jack Accent Cushion

Few people get to actually visit Great Britain and to have a taste of that famous sophistication everyone talks about. But you don’t necessarily have to go there to feel like a queen. Have your own sophisticated corner right there in your home. You can add some British flair to your house with some themed accessories such as this beautiful cushion.

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Usually, people use cushions as accent features anyways. There are a simple way of spicing up the décor and of introducing pattern and color into a room. So why not use them to add some flair to the living room or guest room? Even though the theme is very specific, this cushion would easily integrate in a variety of different decors without necessitating further specific details. It’s also a versatile cushion that can either be perceived as casual or elegant. It has vivid colors and it’s relatively easy to match with other shades and patterns. It would be best to place in a neutral environment where it can stand out and show its true beauty.

The cushion measures 40cm x 40 cm. it has a square shape and it’s made of 100% cotton. Its weight 0.5 kg and, given the material it’s made of but also the colors and texture, it needs to be dry cleaned only. It’s a great decoration for the living room but it could also be useful in the guest room and even in the bedroom, during the day.