Unik Glamour Washbasin from Lasaidea

With all new ultra modern Italian design can be seen in Lasaidea’s new collection named Unik. These beautiful creations are very innovative and luxurious. The main basin is like a big transparent bowl that looks quite large with a light brownish shade to add glamour to this washbasin. The taps, which are separately mounted, are very sleek and unique.

This is a very elegant and beautiful design that would look great in a modern or contemporary bathroom. It’s important to know how to choose the right furniture and fixtures for the bathroom. Even if their main purpose is to be functional and practical, they can still look beautiful and stylish. So there’s no reason to ignore this aspect while decorating your bathroom.

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Simple pieces like this basin can completely change the image of your bathroom, it can make the difference between a boring and a chic design. So if you’re currently redecorating, consider this option. Maybe you feel like your bathroom needs a change. You start with this basin to replace your old one or the ugly sink that you currently have in your home. Bathrooms don’t have to look simple and boring. They are just like any other room of the house so it shouldn’t be neglected. There are a lot of beautiful, interesting and very stylish elements that you could include in your bathroom décor. This basin is just one of them.