Unfinished Clock

If you have a fireplace then you know you tend to arrange all kinds of things on the mantlepiece either because it’s a good place where to store things in plain sight and also for decorative purposes. Well, clocks are very common on the mantlepiece as they look great there and also tell time, which can be very useful. So purchase this very special and unusual unfinished clock for your mantlepiece and you will surely have something special. That is because this clock is literally unfinished. It may be round or rectangular, but its lower side is not complete, so the clock arms will rotate fully below the mantlepiece. Well, you can help them by placing the clock right on the edge for a better effect.

White unfinished clock by thelermont hupton

White unfinished clock by thelermont huptonView in gallery

This effect is obtained by bending the clock at a right angle so as to have some stability, but a great visual impact. So if you want some unique appearance for your living room, just purchase one of these unfinished clock for just $45 and you can get to choose the shape (round or rectangular) and even colour (red, white or black) so as to fit the room design.