Underwater Mines Furniture by Mati Karmin

Taste is not something you can easily judge, especially when it comes to art. What some people may consider repulsive or creepy, some other people might find appealing and even brilliant. Like I said, it’s a matter of taste. So if you take a look at this furniture made of old underwater mines that were, of course, made harmless first and after that crafted so as to look like pieces of furniture you can have two opposing feelings: you either love it or you hate it.

Mati Karmin Sculpture 1 550x412

Mati Karmin Sculpture 7

And you can have both these feelings at the same time and you can’t ignore it, either. I know that this furniture looks to be from a horror movie,but let’s think more on the idea of creating furniture from old, rusty naval mines recovered from an ex-Soviet fortress on Naissaar Island. Mati Karmin is an Estonian sculptor who made this pieces of art.The collection includes armchairs, aquariums, writing desks, toilets, beds, cupboards, swings, fireplaces, bathtubs and many more.