Unconventional polyethylene lamps

Lamps and pendants are important items in any home. This either makes them common and conventional or, in some cases, it gives you a reason to try to find something original and unique for your home. It’s such a useful piece so you might as well make it beautiful and attractive. This also gives the designers a reason to constantly come up with new and ingenious ideas for these pieces.

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So here’s another unique and spectacular lamp design presented by Luz Difusion. It’s actually a collection called Struk. It features various pendant and lamp designs that are unconventional in many ways. First of all, the most impressive detail is the material used to create these pieces. The lamps and pendants are made from polyethylene mesh. The strength of the material and its quality to contribute at the attractive light diffusion make it especially appropriate for this collection. The material is also fireproof, a quality that can sometimes be life-saving.

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Each piece is made by hand from several layers. First, there’s plastic mesh layer that diffuses light, then there’s a second layer, fixed by flanges and that is made of scraps of polyethylene mesh. To complete the image, there are several strips of plastic inserted randomly into the holes of the mesh. The result is a very pleasant lamp or pendant that produces very soft and beautiful light.