Unconventional house in Australia

Located in Blairgowrie, Australia, this unconventional house was a project by McBride Charles Ryan. The house has an abstract shape that doesn’t really resemble anything. It’s neither open nor closed. The design is rather futuristic but it also seems to remind you of something, even though you can’t remember what it is.

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It’s hard to describe such a house. Each person sees in it something different and maybe this is exactly what the design was meant to express. Also, with a design like this, it’s also hard to criticize it because you don’t even know where to start from or what to criticize. It’s a house far away from architectural conventions that tends to enter other disciplines.

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Because of the ambiguous design, it’s hard even to find the front door. But once you do you get inside and you realize that this is just an ordinary home like any other. However, it’s visible that there’s a continuity between the exterior and the interior design.

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The furniture is simple, even minimalist, the space is airy and open and the décor is modern and quite friendly. There’s a whole new perspective that you get when looking at the surroundings from the inside. That’s because there’s no odd object sitting in the middle but only the quiet surroundings with minimal vegetation.