Unconventional Eggshell Bathtub by Toby Nowland

A relaxing bath is always an excellent remedy for a stressful day. Nothing compares with a couple of moments that you can spend in a relaxing bathtub, enjoying warm water and a great comfortable atmosphere. The private moments that allow you be far away from the nosy outside world will make you feel as a new fresh person.

Eggshell bath rwmpr

So, it is important how you create the ambiance and the décor that make feel like this way.For those who would like to try a new experience for their usual bath, Toby Nowland has an offer to make. He has just won the first place with his unconventional Eggshell Bathtub at the Reece BIA 2011.This type of bath tub imitates the structure of a cocoon and looks totally different from the ordinary rectangular bath tubs that we all know. Its cocoon shape will make you feel like a little being, protected by the shell of its egg.

Its interesting design will offer you a comfortable sitting which will help you enjoy more your moments of relaxation in the bathroom.

Eggshell bathtub is a great bathtub which fits any type of bathroom design. Its round shape will add elegance and modernity to your bathroom interior so that you will definitely be pleased to try it!{found on BathroomInnovation}