Unconventional Cay Sofa

Wired or super comfortable? I cannot decide which one is it. For those who didn’t get it, this wired looking thing is a contemporary sofa,from  alexander Rehn, that doesn’t follow any traditional design rule. This was probably the purpose from the beginning; to have e new thing after new rules that basically should to the same thing with minor “position changes”.

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When I first looked it the only thing that came through my mind was the B-2 Stealth Bomber. Remember that piece of machinery that had all the tight angles and not a single straight line? I honestly don’t see this couch deflecting radar! It was designed for multiple seating positions, perfect for reading in a more relaxed position, or watching TV, you know, stuff like that.

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What they didn’t take into consideration the fact that only one person can sit at a time and probably isn’t that comfortable anyway because let me tell you, sitting in a position like that with your legs up will numb your bottom in a few minutes. If I place this sofa in a minimalist interior, surrounded by cold materials and almost no other furniture you can get a real kick from this couch. Its untraditional design and futuristic look will definitely stand out. And if we dig a little deeper into the owner’s interior and personality we will probably see that unconventional is welcomed because the perspectives over what’s good/bad, pretty/ugly, necessary/unnecessary are not very well defined.