Unconventional Cantilevered Table by Brian Kuchler

Many inventions have appeared by accident like for example mauve (the color) or plastic and, of course, penicillin. Others have been created out of need, like Benjamin Franklin’s iron furnace stove or odometer, a device that keeps track of how many miles a vehicle has gone. Another similar invention was the cantilever table which features a top that is being supported on one side so that the table can be positioned close to, or over the bed.

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In this case, even though the invention came out of need, in time its function degenerated and it has become a decorative detail. You don’t have to be on bed rest in order to have a cantilever table, as designer Brian Kuchler shows us. He came up with a very stylized and elegant design called… Cantilevered Table. He took the original idea and transformed it into something very beautiful and chic.

Cantilevered table

The table features a steel base that provides durability and support and a clear glass top. It has a simple design, with elegant lines and a very beautiful silhouette. It’s an eye-catching piece that would complement any home. You can use it as a coffee table and even as a dining table, even though the last option might be a little more difficult to put into practice. The Cantilevered Table is still a work in progress so it’s not yet in the stores.