Unconventional Bendy Rubber Bookshelf by Luke Hart

Every one of us intends to become something and wants to get a great job which can bring them a lot of satisfaction, relaxed days, a good social position and why not, a lot of money. I am one of the persons who followed the ideas that I had when I was a little girl. Each time I was asked what I wanted to become my answer was the same, an English teacher. So, here I am, working as an English teacher. It is a hard job which presupposes a lot of extra work and the satisfactions are those spiritual and personal because the financial part is not such a bright side which can get you rich.

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As I have many papers to work with and a lot of books that I need to read imagine what kind of bookshelves I need in order to store all these items. Unfortunately my personal bookcase became out of space and my books of different sizes and dimensions are not perfectly stored. The thing that I hate most is the straight, solid shelves which do not allow me to store books of different sizes.

Luke Hart seemed to have an excellent idea and created this unconventional Bendy Rubber Bookshelf. This type of bookshelf can accommodate any kinds of books due to its flexible properties. It looks also funny and interesting.