Unconventional bear skin rug

Everybody knows the original bear skin rug. As the name says, it’s a rug made from an actual bear skin. The problem was exactly that. Bear are no longer as numerous as they used to be so they have become an endangered species. Even if they weren’t it was still cruel to kill a beautiful polar bear just to take its skin and make a rug that people walk on. Fortunately, French designer Lise Lefebvre has found a simple solution for that that will make both humans and bears happy.

Bear hunter

The new rug design combines the classical polar bear rug with elements of the Persian rug. In other words, it’s a rug shaped like a bear but made from fabric. It’s an ingenious combination and the result is an eye-catching rug. It’s not as impressive as the real polar bear rug, but it’s a beautiful replacement that will hopefully contribute to the saving of the bear population.

It’s a very cool and a very good replica of the original bear skin rug. Hopefully this idea will catch on and people will appreciate the effort. This Persian bear skin rug looks traditional because of the Persian elements but it would also make a great addition to a more modern home because of the unconventional design and combination of styles. It’s a funny adaptation and a very clever idea.