Unbelievable Clock Tower Hotel Room

Sometimes a train journey can prove to be safer, more interesting and a nice way of meeting new people. If you choose to travel by train you will discover the beauty of some places which until then you have not noticed them, travelling by car or the specific atmosphere that a train station creates with all the hurried people that wait for their train and the announcements that are made all the time which inform people of the arrivals or departures that happen.

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If you want to experience more of this atmosphere and enjoy an interesting night you can become interested into this unbelievable clock tower hotel room, situated above the ground at 75 feet, in Ghent, Belgium. The Japanese artist, Tazu Rous tried to bring a tribute to the people who live here and to this place by creating this temporary hotel room. The focal point of the room is the huge clock which is made by stone and keeps its old historic design.

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The room has a modern design, provides everything you need and the contrast which has been created underlines more the attractiveness and the special ambiance of this place. You can enjoy an interesting experience, taking advantage of a strategic and important position which will offer you some special moments that belong to the life of a local train station. Such a strange experience will cost you 105 € per night and will definitely make you understand more about the system of train stations and those who work in such places. The huge stone clock can be symbol of the place and the way time governs all this system related to trains.