Un lavabos, a tilting sink that adapts to the user’s height

Carefully so that everyone can comfortable use the sink. It’s often difficult to do that as the users heights vary very much. it’s a problem for which French designer Gwenole Gasnier has created a solution. It’s called Un Lavabo and it’s a sink that can adapt to everyone that uses it.The sink is not very different or impressive in terms of design or details.

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The designer basically took the common basin and re-imagined it a little, enough to create a completely new sink. By simply altering a portion of the basin’s design the sink was given a completely new look. A cut along the body of the piece allows it to tilt and this way it adapts to the user’s height so that children or persons using a wheelchair can use it without problems.

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The basin can be positioned to serve either a standing or seated adult or child and it will also be safely secured into place. It does that by rocking around an axis. It’s amazing how such a simple detail can completely change the functionality and the design of an item. The basin has a very simple look, it has an all-white design and a continuous shape with delicate curves. This makes it particularly versatile and allows it to be easily placed and integrated in any type of bathroom.