Umbra Blossom Wall Decor

I am not such a huge fan of hanging paintings on the walls first of all because genuine paintings are really expensive and nor anyone can afford them and second of all, if you hang the work of an amateur on the wall it will ruin the whole design of the room and will make it look less serious and nice. I would use wall decor instead because this shows personality and style and because it is nice. I hate naked walls, but also very “busy” ones, decorated with tons of useless things. I prefer two or three simple decorations of good taste, but they should be exquisite and absolutely spectacular. If you feel this, too, you should use this Umbra Blossom Wall Decor.

Wall decoration blossom

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It comes in sets of three and this is great, as you can combine them in any way you want to and make the pattern that you love. They are made of molded bronze and are actually wall tiles that have a burnished finish. They are carefully shaped as to look like blossom and they fit perfectly the spring decor I am trying to arrange in my house. The designer, Alan Wisniewski, made this wall decor for Umbra and this name only should be a certificate of quality and good taste. The set is now available for $29.99.