Ugo Lounge Chair

Most of our furniture can be used only in one of these two places: at home or at your office. There is a very clear distinction between the two places and styles that you couldn’t dream of having a piece of furniture that looks perfect in both places. Well, there are some exceptions to any rule, so meet the Ugo Lounge Chair which can be used at home or at the office and fit in everywhere. It is a very comfortable chair that can be used as an office chair and be kept behind a desk, but also as a lounge chair and add some vibe and style to your living room.

Ugo lounge chair redThis chair has a very strong base made of stainless steel and this draws attention immediately. Then your eyes see the lovely cashmere cushion that looks so soft and comfortable that you could see yourself sinking in it in front of the fireplace, lost in dreaming. Even if it is sturdy, the chair offers an incredible comfort , as it is wide enough to allow you to rest there. It brings a touch of modernism in your home or office and is available in black or red, both colours being elegant and strong. So grab this Christmas offer and buy it for just $490.