Uber Feminine Ways to Style the Nightstand

Whether it’s a matching set for a newlywed couple or a single table in a single lady’s new studio apartment, every woman needs a nightstand with a bit of feminine charm. Girly decor or a specific vintage style, there are fun and funky ways to make the nightstand look personable, fashionable and a bit more feminine. Let’s take a look!

1. Shining Bright.

Mirorred night stand

The mirrored nightstand is girlish in and of itself. But, the addition of the fresh flowers, beautiful trinket box and pretty lamp top off this posh style.

2. Simply Fresh.

White bedroom design

This side table is more a chest of drawers than a nightstand, so it’s an accent itself without much decor. The tulips add even more of a feminine touch and the large light fixtures top off the room for a complete, womanly feel.

3. It Has a Story.

Eclectic bedroom cat on chair

Fill your nightstand with pieces that inspire you and have a personality all their own. Mirrors, fun frames, flowers … use whatever gives you an feeling of femininity and confidence to adorn your space.

4. Add Layers.

Claremont Elegant Moroccan Master

Use a large, textured mirror or a piece of art as a backsplash, then pile on the layers by adding a floral arrangement, a reading lamp and even a candle. The layers create a warm, cozy comfort and their designs add the girlishness.

5. Creative Touches.

Nightstand decor

Use your favorite pitcher to hold your favorite flowers. Stack a couple of your favorite books. And then add a trinket or two that match your personal style. You’ll easily have a creative, eclectic look in no time.

6. Color and More Color.

Burl wood sidetable

Use lots of girly colors like purples and pinks! A loud pop of these, usually feminine shades, will immediately take your nightstand into the womanly zone in a flash.

7. Combining Textures.

Eclectic feminine bedroom

Flowers, pieces of coral or raw crystal, a copper plate and maybe even a taper candle is a great way to add femininity, but it’s also a great way to design. We love combining textures so keep that in mind when you’re finding girlish pieces to put together.

8. Match the Room.

Contemporary blue bedroom night stand

Sometimes it’s a great idea to match the room. If you have a feminine, youthful room or even one that’s just super girly and cozy, then add those same items to the nightstand for a complete feel.

9. Jewelry Placement.

Fresh flowers for night stand1

One quick way to add your feminine touch on your nightstand is to make a way for your everyday jewelry to be stored. Your string of pearls, rings and sparkly watch can stay there overnight in a beautiful trinket dish.

10. Some Seats.

Night stand with chair

With the right nightstand you can adorn it with a seat for a functional and unique look. Make sure the seat is covered in a floral print or feminine bout of color for an extra pop of womanly vibes.