Uber Expensive Speakers Draw Inspiration from the Eames Chair

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061710 speakerrrrr2

The Eames Chairs have been ever so famous for a long time now and it is expected that new designs will usher, based on the same theme serving as an inspiration. We today have on the view the ridiculously expensive speakers that seemingly draw inspiration from the Eames Chairs. These speakers (each pair) cost an astounding $6000 and have been designed by Davone Ray. The important attributes of these speakers are the originality of design and the shape and they have a great ability to fit into a minimalist living room, ultimately succeeding in creating a great environment. This shape of the speaker reminds me of the shape of E.T.’s head in the movie starring Drew Barrymore as a girl. But I must admit it is interesting, though unusual. So if you want to have something unique, go for these special speakers and bolt them to the walls for more security, as probably nobody else except you will know what their purpose is and what they do. Or maybe some will think they are UFOs.