Types of beds that you can choose from for your bedroom and their most important characteristics

The bed is the most important element in any bedroom. It gives the room its name and it’s also the piece that takes the most space. But since there are so many types and designs, choosing the right one for your home can be difficult. Of course, knowing a little about each type can help. So let’s take a look at some of the most important ones.

1. Floating beds.

Country bed

The reasons why these are called floating beds is because they appear to be floating in the air. They manage to create this impression thanks to their lack of visible feet. The great advantage that this type of design offers is the fact that the floor remains clear and visible and thus the whole décor becomes more airy. It’s a modern type of bed and one that looks great in minimalist homes.{picture from site}.

2. Tufted beds.

Country bed

This is a type that will always look elegant. The tufted portions also make the bed look extra cozy and they have a very nice texture. This detail is not suited for sleek, minimalist pieces of furniture. However, you can diminish the voluminous effect it may have by using slim decorations and furniture pieces for the rest of the décor.{picture from site}.

3. Solid wood beds.

Country bed

Solid wood beds tend to have a rather industrial look because of their imposing structure. Here, the accent falls on strength and on the natural qualities of the material used for the frame. You might think it’s not a look suited for a bedroom where the atmosphere needs to be serene and inviting. It’s actually not an inconvenient as you can compensate for the bed’s lack of delicacy with all sorts of other elements.{image from site}.

4. Glamorous beds.

Country bed

This is a type that was meant to be part of a bedroom. This type of beds has the delicacy and style needed to create the serene atmosphere needed in a bedroom. They tend to lean towards the feminine side of the design and they look beautiful in combination with delicate fabrics and decorations.

5. Country-style beds.

Country bed

When you say country you also say cozy. This style makes any room of the house look inviting, warm and cozy. Naturally, the bedroom is the space where it can really show its potential. Country-style beds take any forms but, in order to fully integrate into the décor, the rest of the furniture and decorations need to follow the same style.{image from site}.