The Tyent touchscreen water ionizer and purifier

Water is a vital fluid that we all use extensively. However, we are used to not question its properties. The reality is that water can have different properties and different level of purity. For example, the pH can differ. Highly oxygenated, strongly alkaline water is better for drinking, cooking and washing kitchen tools and strongly acidic water is better for cleaning and sterilization. Still, it’s difficult to measure these elements without the proper technology.

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The Tyent water ionizer and purifier allows you to do that right from your kitchen. This touchscreen-controlled system was designed for water purification. It allows you to specifically set the pH of water according to your needs. It can be set as low as 2.0 or as high as 12.0. The system features two faucets that can be individually rotated and angled. The whole system consists of a chrome-coated control unit that only measures 11.6 inches/ 294 mm in height.

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The unit can be operated via a touchscreen and it also has optional voice guided service. It’s a highly innovative and modern fixture that allows you to enjoy a better quality of water in the kitchen. The system uses a double filter. The first one is made of active carbon while the second one features three kinds of ceramics. These filters are designed to maintain the ionic balance and to improve the mineral of the water you use daily. The unit also features an electrolytic antibacterial system and it even has an automatic cleaning function. Tyent offers all that it a very stylish and attractive package.