Two-story wall residence by Dipen Gada & Associates

This is the Wall House. It was designed by Vadodara-based studio Dipen Gada & Associates and it’s located in Baruch, a city in the state of Gujarat, India. The house sits on a 5,500 square foot area and the site measures a total of 7,800 square feet. It’s a two-story residence and it’s based on an interesting concept that combines interior and exterior spaces into one big and harmonious composition.

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The interior and exterior architecture complement each other and there’s no clear distinction that suggests where the exterior architecture ends and where the interior features begin. It’s called the Wall House because the structure is divided into two volumes by a wall that physically divides the spaces and influences the overall structure of the interior spaces. The plot was very narrow and this forced the architects to come up with a linear design for the house. The structure is then bisected by the 34 feet high wall that also represents the exterior facade of the house.

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The wall is the principal element of this residence and, naturally, it also gave the name of the house. The wall has been made of raw, unfinished kota, a stone found in the Rajasthan region. The entrance is defined by a foyer that has a staircase on one side. The living room is spacious but very minimalist. It’s connected to the dining area through large French doors. The floor is an indicator of the spaces and the transition between public and private areas is also defined by a change in flooring. The residence includes several exterior spaces including terraces and courtyards.