Two-Story Villa P by Love Home Architecture

This strange-looking house was designed and built by Austrian studio Love Architecture and it has recently been completed. The house is located in Austria and it sits on a 2.153 sq feet lot. Villa P, as it is called, was a challenging project mostly because of the client’s desire to create a contemporary and playful design. As you can see, the whole place plays with lines and dimensions and the overall image is intriguing and disorienting.

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Even though the house sits on a relatively plane and clean lot, the house has an irregular shape that makes you stop for a moment and think whether it’s the house that has a strange design or is it you that are having trouble with equilibrium. The overall look is a little dramatic, but mostly playful and fun.

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This two-storey residence also benefits from very beautiful views over Graz, the second largest city in Austria. The upper level of the house includes all the living spaces, meaning three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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The lower level features an office and a storage room that is accessible through a separate entrance. There’s also a wide staircase that links the upper floor to the garden. This way you can go straight from you bedroom outside and then into the swimming pool, without disturbing anyone. It’s a very practical idea that seems to be more and more popular.